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SWECO C2 Gasket introduced into Japanese market

For years the separation industry has struggled with providing a good solution for a sanitary, conductive gasket capable of grounding the screens to eliminate static that can build-up on some products.
Screening problems result from particle-to-particle bonding (agglomeration) and by particles clinging to the screen mesh, both caused by excess static buildup.
Finally, static build-up increases the risk of arcing which can cause dust ignition in extreme circumstances.
By grounding a separator's screens these issues can be minimized.
For years SWECO has provided conductive elastomeric gaskets capable of grounding the screens to minimize static build-up.
Unfortunately, there has never been a gasket both conductive and made from FDA approved components … until now.
The patented SWECO C2 Gasket (24"-72" round) is a co-extruded product of FDA white silicone and conductive black silicone, producing a gasket that can be used in food and high static processes.
The key is that the FDA white silicone element is the only portion exposed to product contact, while the black conductive component of the gasket makes contact with the frames and the outer lip of the screen tension ring (for SWECO STP and spot-welded screens only).